About Alfresco Learning

Alfresco Learning is an outdoor learning company dedicated to bringing the National Curriculum together with outdoor learning to create an inclusive approach and provide memorable learning experiences for all children.

Our vision is to help teachers unlock their own potential in curriculum-based outdoor education

We understand the challenges faced by teachers when taking on outdoor learning because we are teachers. Time spent getting ready, resources, managing whole-class sizes single-handed; we have experienced it all for ourselves and can offer you practical solutions.

Through all of our services we aim to share lasting inspiration

Many of the schools we have visited have gone on to develop their curriculum to include more time outdoors. Having incorporated more outdoor activities, staff always say how much they’re enjoying their time teaching again. For us this is what Alfresco Learning is all about! Unlocking the potential in outdoor learning for everyone!

Our team

Jenny Wood

Whilst teaching a class with very challenging behaviour, I discovered the unlimited potential in reaching children with many differing needs through outdoor learning.

There’s nothing I love more than sharing this ability to establish new connections, with other educators and opening up their classrooms to all of the opportunities available outdoors.

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Hollie Hindle

Personal well-being played a key role in developing my passion for nature.

I love watching as educators become grounded and refreshed simply by being outdoors. Creating a positive impact on teacher wellbeing is what drives me to continue spreading Alfresco Learning’s key messages.

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Angharad Pass

The changes I saw in children's behaviour, attitude to learning, focus and resilience kindled my love for outdoor learning.

As Alfresco Learning's newest team member, I'm excited to share my combined passion of nature & science with primary teachers everywhere.

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