Jenny's story

In a nutshell, I’m a Primary School teacher, with the majority of my teaching experience in Year 2.

I’ve been a KS1 moderator and I have a degree in Chemistry. My love and passion for the outdoors began when I was a child and most of my favourite childhood memories are centred outside. I used to love wading in streams and getting muddy in the woods, then suddenly you grow up and all of that just…stops.

When I first got into teaching I thought it was because I wanted to inspire young minds and watch them grow.

I know…cliché. But the more I thought about the reason I was continuously drawn to Primary Schools and  why I probably went into teaching, the more I realised it was actually because some of the best memories I have are me, as a child, enjoying the outdoors with my family.

Around my third year of teaching, this is when I realised this was what I actually wanted to give those young children I taught, that happy, memorable experience that nature can offer. This was the moment when I started taking my lessons outside more and planning specifically for the outdoors. Having been the science lead for many years, taking learning outside naturally began with science for me. However, it soon progressed and grew to all sorts of lessons, subjects and topics.

I started to notice more that those children with emotional and behavioural needs became almost different children when learning was taken outdoors and that glisten in their eyes that you’d hardly ever get in class, just came alive each time!

When Hollie and I first started brainstorming ideas of going into business, I always knew it would be to do with the outdoors. But once I’d started to have more experiences like these with my class, I was certain it was going to be based on taking children outdoors and showcasing how to do it, to teachers who might be unsure. That’s when Alfresco Learning was born!

Now that I’ve taken a step back from the hectic life of the classroom . . .

I have found my adventurous spirit once more and can be found most weekends going on a long hike or climbing some large rock somewhere with my husband.
This has all fuelled my belief that children can gain so much from being in nature and this is the passion I want to share with you!