Jenny's story

One thing I love most about running this company is the opportunity to share our knowledge with teachers, so that they and their children can experience the joy that heading outside for their lessons brings!

Hello, I’m Jenny, Co-Founder of Alfresco Learning and I’m so happy to connect with you here. Since beginning Alfresco Learning with Hollie a few years ago, I’ve been working to bring together my teaching practice and expertise in Science with my love of the natural world to create something that empowers educators to take the leap into curriculum outdoor learning.

A key part of our values at Alfresco Learning is ensuring that children everywhere get to access learning in a way that is meaningful for them.

This, combined with them having opportunities to experience nature and feel the benefits of spending time outdoors in their everyday life at school, is one of our core reasons for starting this company.

Upon beginning my own outdoor teaching practice, I recognised that these benefits go much further than just their academic progress. One of the things I always strived for in my years in the classroom was forming and developing positive class relationships. This was something that when working with children with challenging behaviours, no matter the strategies that were used in class to support, I sometimes found tricky to fully achieve. Introducing curriculum outdoor learning to these children was the only way I found to truly connect with my whole class, forming meaningful bonds over their favourite things about nature, and sharing in their achievements when creating something practically from natural materials to demonstrate their knowledge. And the fact that we were also covering the objectives we needed to while this was happening was a huge bonus.

These personal experiences instilled in me the passion I have for spreading the message about benefits of curriculum outdoor learning. Teaming up with Hollie to share the approach with teachers everywhere with a vision to change our education system for our future generations to come!

In these last few years, I’m amazed at how many children we’ve already impacted through our combined offerings of children’s workshops, online resources and staff training. Reflecting on our impact report for last year, my highlight has been meeting teachers and seniors leaders up and down the country through delivering our training days and training courses and supporting them in taking an estimated 6400 children outdoors as part of their everyday lessons for the years to come.

Our success so far only fuels our passion and drives us forward to achieving our vision of making a change in primary education and enabling children all over the UK to discover a love of the outdoors and learning through a new way of teaching.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know my story,

if you feel you resonate with any of it I’d love to connect with you further through our DMs on our social media pages, we always love hearing from people with a shared passion for the benefits of learning outside the classroom.