Angharad's story

With over 13 years of teaching experience, I have taught across all primary age groups, from EYFS through to Year 6.

My love of the outdoors stems from my childhood, but it was seeing the difference being outside made to children who sometimes found school a challenge that really cemented my outdoor learning approach to teaching.

Photo of a woman stood in a woodland

The changes in behaviour, attitude to learning, focus and resilience that I saw when I took lessons
outdoors were unmistakable,

and, as a parent to two girls, I have seen the benefits of spending time and learning outdoors at home too. As well as all the learning that happens, the impact on confidence, mental health and wellbeing are huge.

As well as an outdoor advocate, I’m also a primary science specialist with a degree in Medical Science.

When I followed my route into teaching in the primary school, I brought with me my love of science and ambition to share it with all the children I taught.

A tree hanging over a lake

When I started to look for a change to being in the classroom, the ethos of Alfresco Learning drew
me in.

The focus on supporting teachers to make outdoor learning accessible for children, giving children the opportunities to experience deep and meaningful learning outdoors, alongside the attitude to wellbeing meant that applying for the role was an easy decision.

Most work days, you will find me at schools around our region, delivering Alfresco Learning’s outdoor workshops.

In addition to this, I continue to follow my interest in primary science as the Co-Chair of the Association for Science Education (ASE) Primary Committee and as a Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) Hub Leader in Yorkshire and when I’m not working, you’ll probably find me out in nature on a family walk with the dog, away in the campervan, or scrambling up rocks and trees.

A view through some trees looking down into a valley