Space Explorers

Outdoor learning workshop

Explore the wonders of space travel through your own outdoor space!

Taking place on your large school field, this workshop can be adapted for Key Stage One, Lower Key Stage Two & Upper Key Stage Two. Have your children experience the joy of launching their own rockets, putting into context the details of significant space explorers such as Neil Armstrong or Mae Jemison journeys'.

Workshop enquiry

This workshop will cover maths & science through the context of history!

Our Space Explorers workshop provides opportunities to tick off various maths objectives; applying skills in measure for both capacity and length! And for Key Stage Two provides the opportunity to revisit their knowledge of the solar system.This thrilling outdoor experience will provide lasting memories and plenty of discussion points for your class for weeks to come!
You can choose to focus on the workshop on any significant individual who has explored space travel - most choose Neil Armstrong but you can add any to your enquiry!

Workshop outline

We’ll begin by introducing your chosen significant individual and their journey into space.

Then the children will learn how to build their own rocket launch pads and everyone will have the opportunity to have a turn at launching their group rocket safely before we move on to an investigation!

Next we will learn about the significant events surrounding your chosen individuals space exploration. For example if you were to choose Neil Armstrong we would learn about the critical moment of the moon landing . . . We’ll discover that there was only 15 seconds remaining for Neil Armstrong and his team to land Saturn V before it ran out of fuel! The children will be challenged to launch their own Saturn V rockets, experimenting with how the different amounts of ‘fuel’ added to the rocket changes the distance it travels, providing them with ample opportunity to apply their mathematical skills!
However, the context of this workshop can be changed to any other space explorer of your choosing such as Mae Jemison!

For Lower Key Stage Two more challenge will be added to the workshop around applying their mathematical measuring skills, tracking and recording each of their experimental lift offs! For Upper Key Stage Two even more challenge will be added with designated landing spots for them to aim their rockets towards. They will need to apply the findings of their initial launches to land at the correct planets.

Finally we will explore the visual wonders of the night sky! We will round up the workshop by exploring the sights of space! Children will get creative with some large scale, space themed artwork; exploring the stars and constellations, inspiring your children and giving them the knowledge to try their hand at star gazing.

How long does the outdoor workshop last?

The workshop lasts 2 hours and is available to book 10am-12pm & 1pm – 3pm.

A single workshop classes as a half day and can be booked either in the morning or afternoon. Two workshops classes as a full day.

Options are available for varying class numbers, please add the details to your enquiry form.


Full day £375
Half day £225

Off peak pricing

During our quieter periods you can save 10% on our workshops when you book for them to be delivered on these days. Please specify whether you would like one of these in your enquiry form.

Dates for 23/24 academic year:

6th - 16th September 2023
10th - 19th January 2024
8th - 19th April 2024
15th - 19th July 2024

Two primary school children measuring water in a jug

Areas we deliver our Space Explorers workshops to . . .

Primary schools in Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Selby, Huddersfield, Bradford, Burnley, Halifax, Harrogate, Wetherby & York.

We aim to make our workshops affordable for the children to enjoy and therefore only deliver them to areas local to our Education Officers. Schools located within 15 miles of WF1 will have travel included - additional milage will be charged at 45p per mile.

If you are located just outside of these areas, please still get in touch. During our quieter periods of the year we may be able to reach you.


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“My favourite part of the day was seeing the delight on the children’s faces as their rockets launched into space.”

- KS1 Phase Leader