Seaside holidays from the past

A spring/summer outdoor workshop for Key Stage One!

Explore the joy of seaside holidays from the past through your own outdoor space!

Taking place entirely outdoors, this workshop is designed for Key Stage One and acts as a memorable experience to deepen children's understanding of how seaside holidays became popular in the Victorian Era.

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Explore the context of history through outdoor D&T!

The seaside holidays from the past workshop will cover key history objectives through a range of D&T and art activities taking place in your outdoor space.

Our practical workshops provide memorable learning experiences that help deepen children's understanding of your topic.

Three primary children holding up seaweed artwork they made.

Seaside holidays from the past workshop outline.

Get hands on with history with our latest workshop offering!

We will begin by investigating floating and sinking, use lots of different loose parts to build a raft-like structure to float in the pools provided. To these structures we will add a sail and explore the limits of wind powered boats. The children will learn about the invention of steam engines and how this positively impacted seaside tourism in the Victorian era. After looking carefully at paddle powered boats each child will add their own working paddle engine to their rafts and investigate how this improves manoeuvrability in different weather conditions!

Once the boats are fully built and successfully carrying passengers to the seaside from the city, we reflect on the types of people who would have used these boats to commence their seaside holidays & how they competed with the introduction of railways to the seaside.

Next we will bring in some movement and fun with our traditional seaside games.

Finally we will learn about how people used to showcase their holidays in their homes with their own handmade seaweed artwork. For this part of the workshop children will handle real seaweed and use a form of artwork called hapazome to create their own seaweed artwork to take away at the end of the workshop.

All resources are provided for the workshop - all we need is a flat, grassy space for the workshop to take place on within your school grounds and a class who is dressed for the weather to take part!

Workshop timings

The workshop lasts 2 hours and is available to book 10am-12pm & 1pm – 3pm.

Half day workshops = 1 class and can be booked either morning or afternoon.

Full day workshops = 2 classes. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

If you have 3 classes or more, please let us know on your enquiry form below and we can offer you a range of options.

A group of primary children holding model paddle boats next to a pool.


Full day £375
Half day £235

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9th - 13th September 2024
6th - 17th January 2025

A group of primary children playing relay races with water.

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