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Alfresco Learning staff member talking to a group of teachers about outdoor PSHE

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Our approach is unique as we utilise outdoor learning as a tool for teaching. Every aspect of our training is closely tied to teaching objectives, enriching the curriculum through outdoor learning.

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A Headteacher and Primary Teacher discussing an outdoor maths activityAn Alfresco Learning staff member sharing training with a group of Primary TeachersA group of teachers smiling in front of their outdoor time activity they made
A mud pile with a face made of natural items for an outdoor PSHE activity

What you can expect from our inset training:

  • A purposeful approach to curriculum outdoor learning. Every aspect of the training ties in closely to the curriculum, whilst using minimal resources, leaving staff with outdoor activities they can use the next day with their class.
  • Easy and instant implementation - we will show you how to utilise the outdoor spaces you already have without adding expensive equipment or resources.
  • A clear understanding of the benefits of learning outdoors for all pupils, but especially those with additional needs who may struggle to engage in formal learning in class.
  • Personalised support and advice - our aim is to ensure all barriers to curriculum outdoor learning are addressed before we finish the day.

Our training outcomes . . .

  • Staff delivering outdoor learning within their weekly teaching sequences after gaining a deep knowledge of how to take the curriculum outdoors across all year groups and most subjects.
  • A new tool to enhance teaching and learning in your school. Our education background and combined outdoor learning expertise means we ensure every moment your staff spend outdoors is purposeful and effective.
  • A motivated staff team, we pride ourselves on infusing the practical approach we share with heaps of energy and enthusiasm. We aim to finish every session with every staff member buzzing with inspiration!

A group of teachers looking at natural loose parts & discussing an outdoor activity

Download our training outline to see what can be covered in an inset day. We use this to form the foundation of your training and then speak to you about your team’s specific needs to tailor the day to your school.

Training outline


Full day inset £900

Half day inset £600

We provide flexible options for your training, you can choose to undertake a full day inset, break it down into two half day insets or just undertake a single half day inset to provide a pocket of inspiration!

If you have a small team please let us know and we can provide a bespoke quote for you with reductions applied. We are based in Yorkshire and travel all over the UK to deliver our inset days - travel is not included in the prices shown.

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One of the biggest misconceptions around outdoor learning is . . .

that it requires extra time within timetables. This has come about because people who are specialists in outdoor learning but don’t have experience in education have shared this is how it should be done for the last few decades. Through our own teaching experience, we know the reality is there isn’t time for this in your weekly timetables and this not how outdoor learning should be utilised in Primary Education.

The true role of outdoor learning is to harness its ability to engage children whilst supporting them holistically through the outdoor environment. Outdoor learning should be used to deliver curriculum objectives. Outdoor learning is a teaching tool, not a specific subject.

Our approach uses outdoor learning to enrich your curriculum without the need to use fire, tools or provide any additional qualifications. Instead, we equip your school’s biggest asset, your staff team, with the knowledge they need to take learning outdoors and enable your pupils to reap the many benefits it brings to their learning experiences.

Whether you have challenges around staff perceptions of outdoor learning, constraints with staffing or you’re unsure of how to get the most out of your outdoor spaces, we can support you in leading the approach using our expertise and experience of working with schools up and down the UK.

Fill out an enquiry form to discuss with us how we can support your staff to unlock the potential in outdoor learning for teaching and learning.

FAQ’s about our inset training

Will you travel to my school?

I’d like to speak to someone about what you can offer my school, how do I get in touch?

Can we just book a half-day inset?

Who delivers the training?

What time do your training sessions start and how long are they for?

Do you offer training for single staff members?

What happens after I fill out a training enquiry?

What will the impact of this training be on your teaching practice?

I feel more confident to incorporate outdoor learning into planning and I have a better understanding of the benefits.

Year 3 Teacher - Park End Primary

Which part of the training did you find the most useful?

The practical aspect - being outside! Much more enjoyable than being inside and the ideas shared for resources.

Year 2 Teacher - Lidget Green Primary

What will the impact of this training be on your teaching practise?

I have the confidence now in planning and delivering outdoor learning with the creative ideas that have been shared today.

Year 1 Teacher - Heathcote Primary

Which part of the training did you find the most useful?

Taking part in the activities and demonstrations. There was something for every year group.

EYFS Teacher - Park End Primary

What will the impact of this training be on your teaching practise?

I will start to use these activities throughout the curriculum not just core subjects.

Year 4 Teacher - Park End Primary

Which part of the training did you find the most useful?

Use of applying outdoor learning to many areas of the curriculum. Particularly in 'boring areas' such as spelling.

Year 5 Teacher - Park End Primary