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Reception - Recognising 1,2,3

Hook activity

Reception Maths

Recognising 1,2,3
  • 2 starter activities
  • 6 main inputs 
  • 6 follow up adult-led activities

Including starter activities that focus on the formation and arrangement of 1,2,3 through active games and songs, to main activities and adult-led follow ups that involve children hunting around your outdoor space to subitise with 1,2,3 and playing games to find more and less, this unit of lessons gives you the opportunity to deliver these objectives in a fun, active and engaging way outdoors. Throughout the lessons, your children will work practically, using resources that are readily available, to develop their skills in these areas.


Recognising 1,2,3
Editable Weekly Maths Planner
Reception Maths Planning Guidance

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